New Version 1.1!


After the dust has settled a bit over the VLC release, here now the new Orangeade Skin update. This update contains mainly small fixes and improvements, bigger changes will be made in later releases.
This update includes:

  • fixed some positioning and image errors
  • anchor points fixed and additional anchorlines at the sides
  • improved minimode with fixed buttons (mute, stop)

Enjoy another fresh and fruity skin release...

First release of the Orangeade Skin for VLC!


Just in time for the deadline of the VideoLan skin contest, accompanying(more or less) the release of the long awaited 1 point zero release of their VLC player, the first version of Orangeade is ready fordownload!

After quite a bumpy road, lined with laptops dying of overheating in this hot Spring, Backup Computer that, after a weeklong setup, picking up the old computer jest of spontaneous rebootiung to entertain its user: it is finally done!

Version 1.0 of Orangeade can be presented to the public, after it has been inserted into the race for the default skin in the VLC 1.0 release.

Of course some bugs and shortcomings have already been detected, due to the limited development time and the aforementioned obstacles. To remedy this an updated version will be made available soon, fixing some minor issues.

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